VideoWhisper can provide complete consulting services to implement different types of streaming features. A project may include multiple streaming scenarios and require a mix of different solutions and technologies.

1 Way Live Streaming
This type of streaming can be done using different types of sources:
– website (WebRTC)
– desktop and mobile encoders (RTMP)
– IP cameras (RTSP)
This type of streaming is common for live events, monitoring surveillance cameras for a restricted group of users, without using public platforms.
Recommended streaming technology for 1 to many streaming is usually Wowza Streaming Engine as relay server, to enable non web protocols and delivery to many users.
2 Way Video Calls
Private 2 way video calls are applicable on various scenarios including paid video call services, random chats for entertainment.
Recommended streaming technology for private calls is usually WebRTC with a signaling server and STUN/TURN, for best latency.
Video Conferencing / Collaboration
Video conferencing and collaboration with multiple visible participants is a great options for online meetings, seminars. Proposed solutions can include collaboration specific features like selecting speakers, sharing files, displaying pictures/videos or streams for all participants to see.
Optimal streaming technology may vary depending maximum number of users in a room but usually requires a relay streaming server for scaling.


Streaming Related Features

In addition to live video streaming, technical solutions can include related features:

  • text chat
  • tips/gifts
  • sending files
  • sending video/audio recordings
  • membership restricted access
  • pay per minute
  • pay per room
  • saving snapshots
  • archiving live streams as videos
  • listing live rooms
  • automated content moderation services


Platform Features

Depending on project objectives, technical solutions including components, plugins, settings, services can be recommended for:

  • e-commerce
  • social features, user profiles/connections/feeds
  • e-learning
  • billing options
  • selling digital content
  • support system and content reporting
  • content moderation
  • content rating and review
  • site security
  • site performance


How to get Started?

Provide more details about your project to receive suggestions relevant to your objectives, including live demos.